Reasons to Need Garage Door Repair

Garages are ubiquitous in today’s real estate world. It’s hard to find a house that doesn’t have one. One potential issue you might have with your garage is a problem with the door. If you own your own home for long enough, you are bound to need garage door repair at some point. Here are some of those most common reason why you might need garage door repair Portland.

Remote doesn’t work

Most garage doors these days have a remote control to open them, and one of the most common problems leading to garage door repair is a problem with the remote. If your remote won’t open the door, the first thing you should do is check the batteries. An easy way to do this is to use your security pad on your garage. If the door will open using that but not with the remote, then batteries are likely the reason. However, if you replace the batteries and the door still doesn’t open, you may have a bigger problem that needs attention from a garage door specialist.

Door won’t close

Another common issue with garage doors is the door not closing. Usually, the door will start to close but get to a certain point and then reverse course. This often is a result of a problem with the sensors. If something is in front of one of the sensors or if a sensor is knocked off line, then the door won’t close. Check your sensors to ensure everything is OK.

Busted spring

Older garage doors on on tracks that use springs to get tension. When a spring busts, the door won’t open or close properly. If you do have one busted spring, you should get both replaced, because the difference in tension will cause the other one to break eventually.


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