The Garage Door


The Garage Door

The main part of a garage is its door. It protects cars and other items stored within. Choice of wood or metal determines its durability. Other factors contribute to its life span. Pulleys, rollers, hinges and latches must be quality and lasting.

Day to Day Use

Cars in and out guarantee wear and tear, as garage doors open and shut. Winter salts eat away at wooden door exteriors. Springs give out, cables fray, door remotes won’t work.

Maintenance of the Door

Therefore, use of a checklist represents an ounce of prevention. Scheduled maintenance prevents damage from getting out of control. On a wooden door, weather stripping stops rotting. Similarly, lubricants such as 3 and 1 oil prevent rusting. Do it yourself becomes challenging. So, if you don’t want to do it, hire the work out.

Know Them by Their Work

Who to choose? The yellow pages provide names and services. So many names! Word of mouth broadcast opinions. You want the best. Choice begins the job.

Why Us?

What to do when doors stop operating? Portland Doors and Locks Guy Locksmith & Garage Doors have the answer. Each worker brings experience and expertise to your garage door. Peace of mind and garage security results. No matter what! Portland Doors and Locks Guy Locksmith & Garage Doors take care of the issue. No job is too big or too small. Whether you are locked out of your house, you have misplaced your keys, or your pulleys are off the rails, we are there for you. We are your on call maintenance.


Locks comprise another part of our work. Need garage keys, ignition keys or other locks? Get them from us. Avail these services 24 hours, 7 days a week all 365. And, if your doors and locks have a bad day, don’t let its bad day make yours bad too. Click on garage door repair Portland for more details.


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